23 December 2010

We have a baby bump!

No, NOT me!  At my age, if I had a baby bump, I would crawl into a hole and never come out. 

Jessi has a baby bump, and it is too stinkin' cute!  She will be 12 weeks prego on Sunday, and bless her heart, she has been soooo sick for the last 7 weeks.  Between weeks 5 and 8, she was in the ER twice for fluids, and then right at week 8, her doc admitted her for a couple of days to get her re-hydrated.  Once she was discharged, they were able to get her on home health, and that has helped a lot!  She has still had some really rough days, but she has also had some really good days.  I'm still praying that she won't get as bad as Katy got!  We are ALL praying that she's going to hit that 12 week point and it's all going to go away for good.  Hey, I believe in prayer!!!

John and I went over to see her yesterday after he got home from work.  It's the first time I've seen her since the night she called to tell us they were expecting.  When I've had time, she has been really sick, and I just didn't want her to feel like she had to "visit" when I knew she really needed rest, and when she's felt good, I haven't had time.  Luckily, everything came together yesterday--she was feeling really good, and we had time.  :)

She's staying at Wayne and Kay's during the day, so they are making sure she has anything and everything she needs.  (Our girls got some of the BEST in-laws ever!  I know how wonderful it is to be welcomed totally and completely into a family!)  I told John that I feel bad for not having done more (and we have told both Jessi and Lance to call ANY TIME they need us and we will be there!)  When we got there yesterday, Wayne and Kay were gone, but Jess had made her a grilled cheese sandwich and was eating it.  You have no idea how happy John and I are to see her eating and drinking!  She said the only thing she can handle as far as drinks are concerned is sweet tea.  I told her that Peanut is going to be bouncing off the walls, but heck, if she can drink sweet tea and keep her fluid intake up, I say go for it!

She still has her IV, but her nurse is hoping that in the next week or so, they can reduce her fluids and then completely wean her from them.  She said Lance wasn't so sure (after all, the poor guy has watched his love be so sick she could barely get out of bed, so his concern is understandable!) but the only way to know if she is over the worst part is to take her off.  I would guess that once they cut her fluids back, if she can't handle it, they will know before they got her completely off.

Like I said, we're all praying that she's over the ickiness once that magic 12-week mark gets here.  Wayne told her yesterday while we were there that he will take care of her until then, but then she is on her own.  LOL  Of course, we all laughed because we know he would walk to the moon and back for her. Like I said, she is a very lucky girl!

That's it for me for now.  The pups have been begging for some play time, so I need to give it to them.  Have a GREAT day!

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Ms. Marty said...

Can hardly wait to get down there tomorrow. I an dying, not really, to see the "BUMP" and give it a little Grandma pat. And of course, I am wanting to see the Sam Bone. I hope your camera is all geared up - mine isn't. I want to see his face when he opens his box from Papa Joe. Will see you in the AM.

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