18 December 2010

Happy anniversary!

At precisely 4:00 PM on Sunday, December 20, 1992, I began the journey down the aisle of First Christian Church in Jasper, Alabama, to the man with whom I will spend the rest of my life loving.  I can hardly believe that in fewer than 48 hours, we will be celebrating our 18th anniversary!  The years have flown.

Even though our anniversary isn't officially until Monday, we decided to go out to dinner tonight.  I had suggested a couple of places that are in Opelika, but neither of them are open on Mondays, so we thought about going Tuesday to make it a combo anniversary/my birthday dinner.  (Combining the two was my suggestion.  I'm perfectly fine with killing two birds with one stone.)  We were on our way to Auburn about a week ago and saw the sign for The Yellow Hammer Restaurant.  I told John that we should think about going there, too.

Wednesday, I asked him if he had decided where we were going, and he said he wanted to go to The Yellow Hammer.  I looked it up to give him the phone number so he could call to make reservations.  They are open Wednesday-Saturday, so we decided we'd go tonight.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  I now have a new favorite restaurant for special occasions.  The building which houses The Yellow Hammer was built around 1912 and was a Ford dealership.  (They sold the Model T here.)  The walls are the original brick, the floor is the original concrete, and the bay doors are still in place.  Needless to say, this place has a neat ambiance. 

We had looked at the menu online, so we had a pretty good idea what we wanted, or at least I did.  I was going to have Tiger Shrimp Alfredo. BUT when I looked at the menu, the first thing I noticed was Blackened Tuna Nicoise.  DING DING DING!  Winner!!!  I love tuna, so it didn't take much to change my mind.  I have had tuna at a lot of restaurants, and I have had tuna that John has grilled, but NONE of them even come close to the tuna I had tonight.  It was FAB. U. LOUS.  John had the Australian Filet Mignon, and while it was good (we shared bites) I much preferred my tuna.  He said that the next time we go, he'll have the tuna.  (Of course, because this is a special occasion place, we won't be going back anytime in the real near future.  LOL)  Following our meal, we decided to share bread pudding for dessert.  Again, we've had bread pudding at a lot of places, but again, this was the best.  (John has had it at Commander's Palace, and he said what we had tonight didn't even compare.)

Now we're home, and I'm in my comfy jammies.  Bama is snuggled up next to John in the recliner, and Ali is snuggled up (under a blanket) with me in the chair.  Not much could make this evening any better!

I hope you have a GREAT Sunday!

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