25 November 2010

"Iron Bowl" eve

In just over 19 hours, Alabama and Auburn will kick off the 75th Iron Bowl.  I personally refer to this game as the Alabama-Auburn game simply because I associate the title "Iron Bowl" with the years that the game was played in Birmingham.  Once it was moved from Legion Field to the campuses, it ceased being the Iron Bowl.  It was called the Iron Bowl because at one time Birmingham was known for its iron and steel production.

Tomorrow's game will be at the beautiful Bryant-Denny Stadium, and John and I will be there along with 101,819+ other screaming, rowdy fans.  Since we've been lazy today, I've been reading message boards and seen all of the reasons Bama should win as well as the reasons Auburn should win.  I'll admit it...I'm nervous!  I want Bama to win.  Desperately.  I will also admit it...I hate Auburn.  HATE it.  Now, that does NOT mean that I hate the people who are associated with Auburn.  After all, both of our sons-in-law are Auburn grads, and I have many friends whom I cherish who are grads.  OK...so yeah, maybe I have a problem, but after the last couple of weeks, I have come to realize that I am not alone.

What has happened in the last couple of weeks?  Oh, just the NCAA snooping around in regards to the recruitment of one Cameron Newton, Auburn's QB (who has done an awesome job, BTW.  See, I can say something nice!)  In addition to the NCAA, the FBI has also started poking around looking at the involvement of potential illegal acts of several of the Board of Trustee members who are associated with gambling interests as well as a failed bank.  I have read numerous message board posts and newspaper articles and listened to numerous talking heads from various media outlets discussing this, and I just don't see how Auburn gets out of this without some penalty.  However, some of the Auburn fans who are posting on message boards can't even respond without saying "It's all a lie."  "Bammers have made all this up because we're doing so well this year."  "We haven't done anything wrong.  Besides, everybody else does it."  (Um, isn't that somewhat of a contradiction?)  THIS is why I hate Auburn.

Bama may lose tomorrow.  We have gotten burned more than once, but I have to believe that we will be ready for anything.  We haven't lost at home in the last 20 games.  We have a stadium that holds over 101,000 people, and I know the crowd will be into the game.  We have a coach who will make sure the players are focused and ready to take on the opponents.  We have players who want to prove that, even though we have lost two games this season, we are still a top-tier team.  Because of those things, I believe we will win.  IF we don't, we will know that we lost to a team that felt they had to participate in a pay-for-play scheme in order to win. 

I've got everything laid out and ready to go.  My crimson funnel neck sweater, my black/charcoal houndstooth peacoat, my black with crimson trim leather gloves, my red undies, and my houndstooth tights (which no one will be able to see unless they go to the potty with me, but still...)  We're leaving about 7 or so because we're meeting Susan and Tim at Baumhower's at 10:30 for wings.  Yeah, wings at 10:30, but if we don't go early, we'd never get in and out by game time.  :)  I seriously think I will have a hard time sleeping tonight.  This is like Christmas eve when I was a kid. 

I guess that's it for now.  I hope you have a GREAT day tomorrow, and

ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ms. Marty said...

Saw yours and Susan's pictures. If you two don't look like twins, there ain't a cow in Wyoming. BTW, that is where all the cowboys really live. Hope y'all don't get too cold or even worse loose your voices. I don't know if I will watch on TV or not. Depends on how things go.

I love my Crimson Tide!

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