30 December 2009

Two movies in just over a month???

I LOVE going to the movies, but John isn't a big fan of it. He would rather wait until they come out on video, or better yet, he'd rather catch them on HBO. His reasoning is because he can pause the movie if he needs to get something from the kitchen or go to the bathroom. And while that is true, there is just something about actually GOING to the movies that I prefer.

We used to make it part of our anniversary date. We'd go to a late lunch and then to a movie, or we'd go to an early movie and then to dinner. We did that almost every year until about three or four years ago. I'm not really sure why we stopped. There was probably something going on that we couldn't get out of. Who knows. I'd like to get back into that "habit" though.

Thanksgiving weekend, Linda suggested that she, Danny, John, and I take Zac and Will to see The Blindside on that Saturday afternoon. I had been wanting to see it, and since we had been at Billie's since Wednesday night, we needed a short break from the questions/complaints/etc. So we went. When we got to the theater, Danny and Linda wanted to run grab a quick bite to eat, so we got Will and the four of us went on in and got our tickets. When Danny and Linda got there about 15 minutes later, tickets were sold out for the movie! We never really even thought about going ahead and getting their tickets, too. We took the boys, got our popcorn, drinks, and candy, and went to find seats. There weren't four seats together in the theater, so I sat with Zac and Will and left Uncle Johnny to fend for himself. :) He was only three or four rows behind us on the end, so when I had my fill of the large popcorn and Coke, I took it back to him.

I absolutely loved The Blindside. I am a sports fanatic, anyway, and especially a college football fanatic, so I knew I'd enjoy it. Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite actresses, and Tim McGraw...well, I could look at him ALL day long! Quinton Aaron, who played the role of Michael Oher, did a FABULOUS job. As a teacher, I was so touched because I have SEEN that lost student walking the halls of our school. He (or she) has sat in my classroom. And I have to be honest when I say that I know I didn't always do my best for him or her. And that makes me sad, and it makes me angry at myself.

Yesterday, Dolly and I went to see It's Complicated. It was SO funny!! I laughed so hard, especially when Jane and Adam are at the party "poking smot." There were some scenes that tugged at my heart, but overall, it was much more of a comedy. And I love the way it ended. Not gonna give anything away, though. You need to watch it for yourself.

There are several movies out or coming out that I would love to see. Dolly and I talked about trying to get together about once a month with some of the other girls to see a movie. And if I can get John to go maybe every six months, I wouldn't be SO far behind on the blockbusters. hahaha

That's it for today. I've got to get myself in gear and finish grading these research papers. UGH. YUCK. BOO!!!

Hope you have a GREAT Wednesday!


Julie said...

Happy New Year, Trina!

Tracy said...

We went and saw the Blindside, LOVED it, it was a great movie.
I have the book now I'm starting on reading.
I want to see It's Complicated soooooooo bad, just haven't had a chance yet. It looks so funny though, can't wait to see it.
Have a great New Year!

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