22 December 2009

Christmas Memories

As I decorated the house today and wrapped gifts, I listened to Christmas music and reflected on some of my favorite Christmas memories. Of course, there are those from my childhood...waking up at 1 AM to see what Santa brought (Dad will never let me forget that one), snooping for gifts (found a bike under Mom and Dad's bed, clothes, house shoes...), and making sure that Misty and I drew each other's names. As a teen, I was still pretty much into "what am I going to get" but I don't bring those things to mind when I bring up Christmas memories.

No, my teenage memories revolve around our youth group getting together to practice Christmas carols after church, make fruit baskets, and then to go caroling to the elderly members of the congregation on the Sunday night before Christmas. There was Mrs. Gray, Mrs. Lizzie, Mamie, and Grannie, just to name a few. Then we would go back to Wheeler and Judi's (our minister/youth minister) for chili, sloppy joes, and more singing. It didn't matter how cold it was, we had so much fun. I miss those days.

One of my favorite Christmas memories was waking up Christmas morning of 1992 as a new bride. John and I had been married only five days, and it was our first Christmas ever since we had not been dating the Christmas before. Because we had our wedding on the Sunday before Christmas, which is the weekend the Vest Christmas usually is, we did the Vest Christmas on either Christmas Eve day or Christmas Day. Don't quite remember that specific detail, but I do remember that it was at Danny and Linda's house on Thunderbird Lane.

That was the only year, besides 2002, when we weren't at our house on Christmas morning. Even though Katy and Jessi always spent Christmas Eve at their house and came to our house Christmas Day, I was insistent that Christmas morning was spent at HOME instead of traveling. By the time John and I married, they didn't believe in Santa, so it wasn't like we had to be home to see what Santa brought. I just wanted to be home. I still feel that way.

Now, the memories that are being made revolve around the grandkids/great nephews/great niece. (Libby and/or Jessi, y'all need to work on getting Maggie a girl cousin! Believe me, it's not a ton of fun having ALL boy cousins! I prayed so hard for a girl cousin, so I was THRILLED when Misty was born!!) Anyway, being able to watch the excitement and anticipation in their little faces makes me smile and warms my heart. It won't be long before they aren't little any more. In just four short years, Zac will be a teenager, and the magic begins to disappear. Will and Landon have a few more years left to be kids. Fortunately, our "babies" Sam and Maggie have a LONG time before the magic begins to disappear. Who knows, we may even have a new baby by next Christmas (hint, hint Libby and Jay!!) And Jessi and Lance could add to the mix in a couple of years or so (I'd like to be a grandmother again before I'm 50!! LOL)

I hope you and your family make some wonderful memories this Christmas.

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