23 September 2012

Happy Fall, y'all!

Fall has officially arrived, and the early morning/late evening temps match the season. At least on the shores of beautiful Smith Lake they do. I never want to leave the lake to go home on Sundays, but that becomes even harder in the fall. I noticed this weekend that some of the trees across the creek have begun to change. I'm sure they have on our side too; I just haven't noticed them. 😊

With the arrival of fall, my fall-related allergies have kicked in. For the last couple of weekends, I have been miserable. I guess it's good that it has been just the weekends though. Trying to teach while sneezing every few minutes isn't fun or easy. I've been back on shots for right at 4 months, but either they just aren't working or I'm just more sensitive than I used to be.  I would HATE to know how bad it would be if I weren't on shots.

We took the SeaDoo in for servicing and winterizing yesterday (BOOOOOO!!!!!) and then we went by to see Billie. She didn't seem any worse than she was the last time we saw her, but she still keeps saying she doesn't know why "they" put her "in this place." I think "they" is supposed to refer to her children because she'll say she guesses "they" had something to do and she was in the way. Sadly, if the "they" is her kids, she doesn't realize that every time she says it, she is talking to one of "them."  At least no one was dead and no one had torn down her house this time. Small victories!  I told John that we need to take the iPad next time and FaceTime Katy and Jessi.

I guess that's about it for now. I think I might go sit in the sunshine for a while. Have a GREAT day!

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Enjoy the fall my friend. I know I will and I will be thrilled when there is a more splendid show of color from the trees...and a crispness in the air.

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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