17 October 2010

Look in the mirror, bud.

So the football season here in Alabama is gearing up for the final half, so the hardest part of the schedule for both of the major college teams in the state is ahead.  And it's about to start getting ugly.

After South Carolina beat Bama last week for our first loss in over two years, so many of my facebook friends were gloating about how the "mighty bammers were taken down" or something to that effect.  Even though I may not have liked it, I realize that is how it is whenever intense rivalries are concerned, so I just ignored it.  And I know that whenever Auburn loses, I'll be just as happy as they were last week.

Yesterday as we sat watching the Auburn-Arkansas game, I was pulling mightily for the Hogs to win, and it was obvious from my facebook posts.  (So maybe some of the comments I'm going to share with you were directed at me, but if you don't like what I post, ignore me or delete me.  I wear my big girl panties, so my feelings won't get hurt.  Pinky swear.)  But what gets under my skin more than anything is how some fans (Bama fans are just as guilty) think that their fan base never does anything wrong.

Just a few comments from some of my "saner" facebook friends (you know, the ones who are fans, win or lose...not the fans who crawl out from under the woodpile whenever their team is doing well.)
  • "If you hate Auburn, quit watching the game."  This "friend" has actually deleted me this morning.  My first reply was that the same could be said for Auburn fans who hate Bama.  A couple of other replies were made, and I'm going to guess the one that made her delete me was when I said that in the last week I've deleted a couple of friends from facebook because of their use of vulgarity in their gloats over the Bama loss.  Look in the mirror, bud, because Auburn fans say the same things Bama fans say.  Auburn fans hate it when Bama wins just as much as Bama hates it when Auburn wins.
  • "Why is it necessary to use expletives when rooting for a certain crimson colored team?"  My reply:  "The same reason Auburn fans use 'damn' anytime they say 'War Damn Eagle'."  It makes me cringe anytime I see or hear someone use the F word between Roll and Tide.  Fortunately, I don't see it ALL that much (but I'm sure it's quite prevalent in some places, especially around campus.)  Look in the mirror, bud, because Auburn fans say or use "WDE" or "War Damn Eagle" daily.  The fans of a "crimson colored team" don't have exclusive rights to the stupid use of profanity.  (This particular person completely deleted the thread from her page.)
  • "LOVES how everyone seems to be an Arkansas fan today" to which I replied "same way the barners were gamecock fans last week...It's the same on both sides!"  Look in the mirror, bud, because facebook was crawling with Auburn fans who were South Carolina fans a week ago.  And you were all Ole Miss fans last night, and you'll be Tennessee fans on Saturday. 
I love how some of the Auburn faithful, now when they are doing extremely well, decide to be "classy" and to pretend like they NEVER do the things that the Bama fans are doing.  It goes BOTH ways, so before making any "why do Bama fans..." comments, stop and look in the mirror, bud.  YOU may not be saying it about Bama, but I guarantee you that somebody is.

For the record, the majority of the fan bases--Bama or Auburn--do NOT act this way.  It's just the ones who crawl from the woodpile whenever their particular team is on top.


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AMEN sister! I hate this time of year for that very reason. Griefus!

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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